Kyoto – HÆLOS

This song has me excited for another live show! It was one of my favorites from 2017, so I’m glad HÆLOS is back, making music, and hitting the road soon!

Cherry blossom cherry blossom
It’s the world that we leave
Here for what we want but do we know what we need

Graves – The Color And Sound

Is it a pop-punk or foot stomping folk song? Who knows!? Also some of the vocals made me think of Kill Paradise, which when listening originally was a blast from the past. I’m a big fan of this one!

Say what you want,
Say what you need,
My head is a cave,
Where I’ve been digging graves for you and me

A Month of Sunshine – Fever Dreamer


This song sounds like a slower indie rock song but then at times some of the vocals really remind me of something like The Oh Hellos – very big and open and warm – which is very fitting given the name of the track!

Go back to the best part of what we had, if it’d ever last
Like black and white in contrast
I believe that what you seek
Is all but what you really need
If I could bring you anything
I swear to God, I’d bring you peace