Of Age – Yvette Young

The guitar is great, the singing is great, the lyrics are killer – basically I’m an all around fan of this song! The speedy and racing guitar underneath a melody that’s more calm and beautiful is nice contrast. With the lyrics it makes me imagine a scenario where someone appears calm on the outside, but on the the inside there’s a lot more going on.

In dreaming, I found peace

All Messed Up – Hit The Lights

This one goes out to the kids against everything
When the music ends, yeah they keep on singing
So let’s run away ’til it all makes sense tonight

Don’t give up, we’re all fucked
Trying harder but it’s not enough
We’ll be ok, we’re all messed up
We lose it all dying to fall in love

I know it’s hard sometimes to escape your mind
Where ever you go, just hold on to hope