Hot Sauce – Bob Ross Mob Boss

If I had to describe this album to someone, I’d say: It’s an album of hazy, space-y, shoegaze-y rock goodness, but at the same time I somehow got vibes that reminded me of Bad Religion’s Stranger Than Fiction (the album…I mean the song, too, sure, cause it’s on the album, but the album) (see the linked song above) and Jimi Hendrix (listen to the track Tall Bois).

I’m not sure those references totally make sense – maybe I’m crazy – but those were the first things I jumped to.

Regardless, check it out! It’s good stuff. Their live show is pretty great, also!

You can find links to Hot Sauce here so click on that link.

Hollows – CLOQUET



In your hollows
I’ve been sinking
I’ve come to follow
What you’re thinking

This new group is the combination of Paper Tiger (of Doomtree) and James Gundersen! At this moment in time Hollows is the only track they have released. I’ve got my fingers crossed there is more in store for us soon!

The song features a beat that will have you dancing and/or bobbing your head and some cool spacey vocals layered over the top.

This link is in the description of the YouTube video, but I’ll put it here too – It’s got all the places you can stream this track as well as links to their Instagram and website. Follow these dudes!